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My name is

Marek Jeleśniański

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

Here, I share my expertise in management, as well as my insights into the future of work and technology. My knowledge is grounded in nearly two decades of experience, and I also draw upon the wisdom of leading experts and business practitioners – all to address the challenges of the AI era.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 15 years, running my own company. But my experience isn’t limited to entrepreneurship; I’ve also navigated the corporate world, climbing the ladder from a specialist to a director.

I’ve co-founded several brands and was once the founder of the popular computer portal, PC Centre. Over the years, I’ve helped dozens of companies achieve their marketing goals and undergo technological transformations. I’ve also had the honor of influencing the careers of hundreds of people, both as their manager and as a trainer. My academic background is in internet journalism, and I’ve been cited in various reputable sources, including Wikipedia. In addition to all this, I’m an active investor.

Together we will achieve more

I invite you to read my content and subscribe to my newsletter. Also, I am open to colaboration in various capacities — whether it’s through training, consulting, or sharing knowledge about management, technology, and the future of the job market.

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In my free time

Work isn’t everything, of course! I have a passion for travel (especially by rail) and photography. Feel free to visit my Instagram profiles where I showcase my photography: